Excuse Me

Ok crew it's going to get a bit crazy all up in here for a while.  I'm super indecisive about various things and i'm also website-creating stupid most all the time...so while I learn about the vast universe of the computer I ask that you play kind and don't mind the dust.

My wonderful husband is amazing.  I know everyone says that their husband is amazing, but that's cause your not married to Spencer, so you don't know any better.  Anyways he's been my biggest advocate...well for forever really...on getting my passion for photography into more then just a hobby.  For more then a year now he's been telling everyone that this website will be up within a few weeks, thanks for the social pressure Spence, couldn't of done it with out you.

A bit about SPP (small potatoes photography). 

  1. I have a super common name (Brittany Hyde) and so I tried to do the 'normal' photography thing and have my business called Brittany Hyde Photography...but yeah every variation of that was taken...so why small potatoes....I don't really know....but I will say I was inspired by the Disney Jr little cartoon things they have called Small Potatoes.
  2. I LOVE shooting infants and births.  There is something so magical about it.  If you haven't witnessed a birth yet, find someway to be in on one....it's literally the most amazing event in the world. 
  3. I also love shooting families and children and engagements (which is probably my second fav after births/infants).
  4. I like to keep things simple, I don't mind the occasional complexity, but simplicity is beautiful.
  5. I kinda feel like I'm rambling....sorry :)

So, follow along, enjoy the ride, and welcome to Small Potatoes Photography

Small Potatoes, Big Pictures.

PS I love trees

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