Utah Infant Photography: Beckett Robert Hyde-6 months

Beckett is 6 months old!!! I know I'm biased but to me he is the most beautiful little boy in the world.  He's so happy and easy going (until he really really wants something...then he lets ya know).   It's non-stop smiles and drool around here.  I had a lot of trouble just picking a few pictures from this shoot to share because he is smiling and happy and adorable in probably 80% of the pics. A few things about Beckett:

-He hasn't figured out how to grow hair on the sides of his head yet...so a mohawk it is

-He loves to sit.  He's been sitting on his own without help since he was about 3.5 months old. Sitting allows him to watch everyone and everything

-He loves Mac...A LOT.  Every time Mac walks by Beckett lights up.  It's so precious i just can't stand it.  When Beckett is sad Mac always knows what to do to make him happy, they truly are best buds.

-He loves to play peek-a-boo.  His favorite companion to play with of course is Mac and Mac loves getting big laughs out of him.  Sometimes i think he's going to stop breathing because he's laughing so hard.

-If Mac isn't around Beckett's next favorite thing is rubber duckies.   For Christmas his awesome uncle Terence got him a few and it's been non stop squeaking since.

Enjoy the pics, hope they bring a smile to your face as they have to mine! 

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