Colorado Newborn Photographer: Noah and Elleanna Bortolussi

The other day I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Bortolussi twins. To get to work with 20 tiny fingers and toes was so much fun.  Ive always been totally bummed that twins didn't run in my family; when I found out my father-in-law was a twin, little pools of hope and dreams bubbled inside me...until I learned it generally goes through the female line (she has to produce/release two eggs)...hopes and dreams dashed.  So whenever I get the opportunity to shoot some twins I bubble with giddy delight :) Cameron and Amanda are such wonderful parents and I'm so excited to have been a part of capturing their little family. Its always such an honor to shoot such loving people.

BortolussiTwins.21 copy.jpg
BortolussiTwins.37 copy.jpg
BortolussiTwins.48 copy.jpg